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Client: X-mr Limited UK

Expertise: Branding, web design, UX research and design, UI design

Starting position

X-mr Limited hired me as a design intern at the starting phase of creating a video-conference platform for market research, formerly known as Buzzin2view (now Qtube). Iain MacKai and Kevin Simpson asked me to brand this platform and design the website as well as the video call interface. 


Creating an easily recognisable brand with a modern look and convenient usability which can stand out against the competitors with the aim of becoming the industry standard.

August 2020


In order for something to become the industry standard, it has to be intuitive and easy to use. I have achieved this through centring User Experience research in my design process. 

The branding stems from extensive research of competitors brands with the aim of being more memorable and universally easily recognised. After my  research I proposed to rename the platform from Buzzin2view to something shorter (Iain and Kevin decided on Qtube). The simpler name is not just more easily remembered but also allows verbification which can play an important part in becoming the industry standard. The simplistic aesthetic allows important information to stand out from the negative space whilst creating a memorable atmosphere.

The interface design is derived from the familiar interfaces which the target market uses daily for optimised intuitive user experience. 

I have designed the logo to be responsive. The Q can be used on its own as well as the long version. This way I was able to adapt the logo for favicons and business cards whilst maintaining the recognisability.

The interface design is centred around user experience research. For an intuitive experience, I researched other similar platforms as well as familiar interfaces which the target market interacts with daily, such as phone call, Facebook call and videocall, Zoom etc. Familiar placement of key interactive elements helps the user feel at ease and promotes positive feelings rather than frustration.

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As Iain and Kevin wished, the website is designed as one page, separated into sections of easily understood information. The menu on the top right helps users find the relevant section with ease.

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