Dance Lane

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Dance Lane

In this project I worked with Hannah Underwood, Grace Guinn and Yasemin Botterill, researching Old London road in Kingston Upon Thames with an aim to create a playful experience which engages the public. 

We found that ballroom dancing used to be a big part of the social scene on that street and wanted to bring the dying art to the public. I observed that the people on the street are normally commuters, school children and other passers-by who use the street as a way to get to where they need to go rather than the the street being their destination.

This made us create a modular brick system pattern, which I later developed and applied individually.

We created a playful experience of learning ballroom dance steps on the go.

I have designed a modular brick system which teaches people steps to well known ballroom dances. The system can be laid down on any sidewalk

and adapted to any step pattern.

The modular brick system, inspired by hopscotch teaches all passers by the steps to classical ballroom dances. Rumba and Waltz have relatively easy step patterns which makes learning them on the go effortless and fun. The bricks can be laid down as a replacement to any sidewalk or pedestrian

street creating a dance lane for anyone to use.

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The hot pink dance lane invites every passer-by to learn the steps to waltz. Just follow the step patterns for a quick dance lesson.

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