Dissertation: Luxury Handcraft

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After creating first test layouts, I started printing out some tests to see what I need to adjust or change.

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Dissertation: Luxury Handcraft

I have redesigned and edited my dissertation in order to reach a wider audience. In my dissertation I explored how highly skilled craftsmen have infiltrated the luxury market with handcrafted products in the recent years. I have edited the academic document into the form of a coffee table

book which can be opened at any page and flicked through in any order. The book is designed as a conversation starter between friends, family

and guests rather than a serious academic document. 

In order for the book to be a conversation starter, I designed it with images as the main focal point and text as supporting material, going against the academic format and appropriating it for a casual setting.


I have used photographs I took, when researching and visiting Luxuria London's workshop as well as using existing photographs from other handcraft companies (such as FEIT and London Undercover) which

I interrogated as case studies within my dissertation.

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dissertation coffee table book
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