Greg app

Greg is an app for Londoners which helps enrich their experience of

living in a city by teaching them how to grow their own fruits and vegetables from seeds as well as food waste in community gardens. This way Londoners can reduce the collective impact of the city

on the environment.

Greg users can use the app to choose a community 

garden near them, complete tasks on their check list and keep track of their plants once the garden has 

been chosen and plants planted.


The users can easily find food waste which can be planted to grow new plants from local cafés and restaurants. Just contact the cafe to confirm availability and  arrange a pick-up time.

broad beans.jpg

Once the plantable produce has been received, the app

teaches users how to plant it using an easy to follow,

step-by-step instructions.

All Greg users also have access to a marketplace feature where they can buy and sell gardening tools, plants, seeds and many more. And lastly the recipe feature, which helps users find great ideas and instructions for seasonal cooking with their produce.

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