Speculative Luxury

Almost 70% of the worlds population will be living in urban areas by 2050. Cities have become very dense and humans have begun to be disconnected from nature and natural forms. 

I have designed a small range of luxury interior design solutions for a teaser catalogue released as a small insight before

the release of the range . The interior solutions vary from 

decorative to functional items, all incorporating nature and natural elements which have been combined with speculative technological solutions.

The Earth and Water feature is based around bringing naturally falling water and plants into the household and can act as a feature or accent wall in any room. The plant pots float above ground with a high technological solution based on magnets

in the plant pots and under the floor. The water feature works as

a plant watering mechanism using  automated moisture sensors in the plants. The height of the plants as well as the function

of the water feature can be monitored through holographic 

controls activated through specific hand motions.


The Earth and Water feature can also be customised and the owner can choose the material of the water feature cover as

well as plant pots to their own liking or to match their decor.

The hob is another costumisable feature in the catalogue. The hob is based on a speculative infinite coal system, where certain coals heat up when the hob is turned on and heat the pan/pot through the special metal plates placed in the glass top. The glass stays cold even when all hobs are turned on through speculative technologies. The hob makes a great statement piece to any kitchen, showing its earthy, but clean features through the glass.

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